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HICO - Hyperspectral Imager for the Coastal Ocean
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Access to Existing Data

The entire HICO data archive (in HDF5 format) is publicly available from the NASA Ocean Color website. An EOSDIS user account is required to access the data from their site. To register for an account, please visit:

In addition, a subset of archived data (in ENVI format) is available from the HICO website using the Search Data tool.

Requesting New Data

To request new targets or scene collections on specific dates, a proposal and HICO data user agreement are required (see "Become a HICO Data User" for the specific requirements). A response will be received within one month.

What happens next?

  1. Subscription requests are sent to NRL to be added to the HICO imaging queue.
  2. Requests are filled on a priority level basis set by NRL. Special effort will be made to collect data for field experiments, etc.
  3. Investigators will be given 7 days advance notice when an attempt will be made to collect data for their site.
  4. Once data are collected, they are downlinked to NASA MSFC and forwarded to NRL.
  5. NRL processes the data and forwards them to OSU.
  6. After the 48-hour hold time is over (see note below), OSU informs the investigator that the data are available, and pushes the data to the user.
  7. The data are stored in the OSU archive (ENVI format) in addition to the NASA archive (HDF5 format) for future access.

NOTE: There is a 48-hour hold on all data before it becomes available to investigators. The 48 hours begins at the time of collection. The time between collection and data availability may be increased by many other factors including station operations and NASA schedules that we cannot control.


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