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HICO - Hyperspectral Imager for the Coastal Ocean
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Working with the Data

ENVI Data (from this website)

The links below lead to detailed instructions on working with HICO data files from this website. See below for instructions on working with HICO data files from NASA.

Step 1: Untarring and Uncompressing

Data from a HICO scene arrive as a single tar file. This file contains the set of 10 or 12 compressed files associated with that scene. Before working with the data, it is first necessary to untar and uncompress the files. Detailed instructions can be found at the link above.

Step 2: Opening the Files

The data files can be opened with a number of software packages and programming languages. Visit the link above for details and instructions.

Step 3: Geolocating the Data

If geolocated data are necessary for your research, this link provides step-by-step instructions on geolocation of HICO data. Several options are provided for geolocating data, with varying degrees of accuracy and difficulty.

HDF5 Data (from the NASA Ocean Color website)

Opening NASA HDF5 Files


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