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HICO - Hyperspectral Imager for the Coastal Ocean
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Instrument Image Gallery

This gallery contains high-resolution photos and schematics of the HICO instrument, its launch and installation on the International Space Station.

HICO photo

HICO components

HICO components

HICO inside the HREP

HICO in the laboratory (NRL) HICO schematic (NRL) HICO in HREP schematic (NRL) HICO inside the HREP structure at NRL (NRL)

HREP at Space Center




HREP at the Tanegashima Space Center, Japan (JAXA) HTV and payload (JAXA) HTV payload containing the JEM Exposed Pallet (JAXA) JEM Exposed Pallet (JAXA)

launch site

launch sequence

HREP install


Tanegashima Island (Japan) launch site (JAXA) HTV launch sequence of events (JAXA) HREP is installed on the ISS (NASA ISS020E041979) HREP in orbit on JEM-EF
(NASA ISS020E041992)

ISS orbit

HICO orbit

HREP in space

HREP in space

ISS orbit path ISS orbit details HREP in space (NASA) HREP in space
(NASA ISS034E035588)


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