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HICO - Hyperspectral Imager for the Coastal Ocean
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HICO Third Users Meeting 2014
Washington DC, USA
May 7 & 8, 2014

Meeting organizers
Curtiss Davis, CEOAS, Oregon State University
Mary Kappus, RSD, Naval Research Laboratory
William Stefanov, NASA Space Station Science Program

Meeting overview

This meeting provided an overview of the status and performance of HICO, outlined details on HICO data distribution and analysis, presented applications of HICO data, and fostered discussions on hyperspectral atmospheric correction challenges.  The meeting presentations are available from the agenda below.

The HICO meeting was held immediately following the International Ocean Color Research Team (OCRT) Meeting (May 5-7, 2014) which ended at noon on Wednesday May 7.  

Forty-one people attended the meeting. The list of attendees follows the agenda below.

Sheraton Silver Spring Hotel
8777 Georgia Avenue • Silver Spring, MD 20910 • USA


Wednesday, May 7
1:00 Welcome and introductions Curt Davis
1:30 Overview of HICO status and operations Mary Kappus
2:00 Overview of OSU HICO website and products Jasmine Nahorniak
2:30 NASA data distribution Sean Bailey
3:00 Break  
3:20 Discussions  
4:00 Meeting adjourned  
4:00 - 6:00 Internal NASA/NRL/OSU meeting  
Thursday, May 8
8:30 Introduction to the second day  
8:40 HICO products for Western Australia Lachlan McKinna
9:20 Use of HICO in the Southern Benguela:
Saldanha Bay case study
Marie Smith
9:40 HICO geolocation Marcos Montes
10:00 Break  
10:30 NRL remote sensing HICO products and results Wes Moses
11:00 Applications of HICO data for coastal water quality Darryl Keith
11:30 Cloud shadow atmospheric correction and IOPs ZhongPing Lee
12:00 Lunch  
1:20 Analysis of HICO data for rivers and algal blooms Curt Davis
1:40 CASIS sponsored HICO tool development James Goodman
2:00 HICO atmospheric correction discussion Curt Davis
3:00 Meeting adjourned  


Steve Ackleson NRL
Robert Arnone University of Southern Mississippi
Brian Barnes (please check name) University of South Florida
Paula Bontempi NASA
Jennifer Bowers (please check name)  
Jeffrey Bowles NRL
Fang Cao University of Georgia
Joan Cleveland ONR
Padmanava Dash Mississippi State University
Curtiss Davis Oregon State University
Gene Feldman OBPG, NASA GSFC
Bo-Cai Gao NRL
James Goodman HySpeed Computing LLC
Melissa Higgins NASA
Chuanmin Hu University of South Florida
Mati Kahru University of California, San Diego
Mary Kappus
Darryl Keith EPA
Mark Kolodner Applied Physics Lab
Raphael Kudela University of California, Santa Cruz
Norman Kuring OBPG, NASA GSFC
Julietta Lafarge (please check name)  
ZhongPing Lee University of Massachusetts Boston
Lachlan McKinna Curtin University, Australia
Marcos Montes NRL
Frank Morring, Jr. Aviation Week & Space Technology
Wesley Moses NRL
Jasmine Nahorniak Oregon State University
Norm Nelson University of California, Santa Barbara
Sherry Palacios University of California, Santa Cruz
Patty Pratt Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems
Chris Proctor SeaBASS, NASA
Julie Robinson NASA
Wayne Slade Sequoia Scientific
Marie Smith University of Cape Town, South Africa
William Stefanov NASA Space Station Science Program
Kevin Turpie NASA
Jeremy Werdell NASA
Ryan (please check name)  



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