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HICO - Hyperspectral Imager for the Coastal Ocean
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Targets collected by HICO and distributed through this website are shown below (Google Earth plugin required). Alternatively, the targets may be viewed as a list of target names.

Please see below for more information about the image.

Each target covers an area 50 km wide by 200 km long. The target areas are shown as rectangles on the globe above. There are two possible orientations for each target (northwest to southeast, or southwest to northeast). The target view depends on whether the satellite was in the ascending or descending portion of the orbit. During the ascending portion of the orbit, the satellite travels from southwest to northeast. During the descending portion it travels from northwest to southeast. On the above globe, the coverage is shown during the two different orbit directions, appearing as an X shape. Red rectangles are targets that were on the master target list at the end of HICO operations (September 2014). Grey rectangles are targets that were once collected, but were no longer on the list.


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